This web exhibition is based on the exhibits presented in the open-air exhibition “Lost Lives – Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals in Vienna, 1938-45”, which was shown at the Heldenplatz square in downtown Vienna from 15 June to 12 July 2001, and on the background articles published together with these exhibits in a special edition of LAMBDA-Nachrichten.

Hannes Sulzenbacher and Nikolaus Wahl, as curators of the exhibition, carried out the archive research and put together the exhibits.

Thomas Geisler was responsible for the design and architecture of the exhibition.

Kurt Krickler co-ordinated this project on behalf of HOSI Wien.

Christian Högl ( did the layout and design of the poster and flyers, the special edition of LAMBDA-Nachrichten and of this web-site.

The project received funding from the “National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism” and from the City of Vienna (department for the promotion of scientific research). The project was also supported by the Federal Ministry for Economy and Labour. The production of the special edition of LAMBDA-Nachrichten was funded by the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and the Arts.

The transformation of the exhibits and the articles into a permanent on-line exhibition was made possible by a grant from the City of Vienna (department for education, youth and social affairs).

The following authors have contributed with articles to this project: Gudrun Hauer, Rainer Hoffschildt, Kurt Krickler, Claudia Schoppmann, Hannes Sulzenbacher, Niko Wahl.